Open water swim

Safety .. Number 1 priority

Safety is the number 1 priority. Openwater swimming is a sport which inherently contains more variables than pool swimming. While many of these variables are dynamic (depending on venue) they (often) change in a predictable  and/or regular manner. e.g. winds or currents that originated many kilometers away will affect the environment and not “tire”. This […]

Swimming in the sea

Watch the cold Hypothermia can be a risk. Listen to your body and if you start to feel cold, get out of the water. You also need to be wary of sunburn and use a high-factor waterproof sunscreen on areas such as neck, shoulders and the backs of your legs. Dehydration is another consideration, particularly […]

Open Water Swimming Race Events

Familarise yourself with the shore line so you can use this for reference when sighting as any marker buoys at sea tend to be further apart than those in lakes and not always clearly visible. The shoreline can therefore prove an invaluable reference when disorientated. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and register as […]

Open Water Technique

Open water swimming can be a shock to the system if you’re not fully ready. But luckily, there are lots of ways to prepare for open water in the comfort of your own pool. IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE When swimming a long distance, it is vital to be comfortable with your stroke. The majority of open […]