The Viking Swim ~12 Apostles to Camps Bay


The Viking Swim 

Probably the world’s most beautiful swim  …

A 5km downstream seeded group wave start along the pristine Atlantic coastline with views of 12 Apostles Mountain Range to Camps Bay.
Compulsory anchored Midway Check-In
Midway Refreshment Boat

  • Per seeded wave (5) limited to 40 swimmers
  • Lead paddler
  • Tail paddler
  • Roving paddler
  • Pace-setter swimmer (“bus driver”)
  • Cut-off Times from 1st wave start (10:00).
    ○ Midway 70min (11:10am -11:20am)
    ○ Finish 2h20min (12:20am -12:30am)


  • Wetsuit

FINA rules shall govern the swimwear used. (Exception to obligatory use of wetsuits below 18’C and minimum water temperature of 16’C will apply)
5th wave will contest under FINA rules and have no lead boat and only have trailing support.



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Name : The Viking Swim-12 Apostles to Camps Bay

Date : Saturday 19 October

Distance              Normal Price      Early-Bird Special             Notes

5km                      700.00                  600.00

Complete the Medical Form click Here

(There are Corporate Sponsorship Packages.. please email with Subject Line : RFI Corporate Sponsorship Pack . Swim times for complimentary tickets will still need to be submitted. Should the swim times not meet the start wave criteria the swimmer will not be allowed to start and a substitution needs to be found)

Swim Categories : Skins & Wetsuit
(FINA rules as applies to swimwear will apply. Exceptions to obligatory usage of wetsuit <18’C and minimum temperature >16’C)

Requirements from entrant

  1. Full Name
    B. Race No. (this is your 1SOMS/3SOMS swim number)
    C. Seeding times* (both times are without wetsuit and independent of each other i.e. 2 separate swims required)
    a. 400m :
    b. 1000m :
    D. Medically Fit to participate (MEDICAL FORM). (Should the Doctor in Charge determine that you do not meet these criteria you will not start)

*(PLEASE NOTE: As this is an openwater swim safety of participants is paramount. Objective time measures are being used to ensure the safety of the event. Each wave of starters will be limited to 30-50 participants.)

  2. Should you not meet the seeding criteria you will be refunded your entry fee less bank charges.
  3. If your (potential ) swim wave has reached its limit you will be placed on a wait-list to substitute for drop-outs and those who do not meet swim time validation procedure.

1SOMS September 1 2019 (1000m circuit 60min criteria) will be used for seeding purposes. If you are unable to attend this then swim times are to be signed off by a registered Swim Coach.
Cutoff times are set at Time Of Day and relative to the wave you are seeded to Start with. Midway cutoff is 70min after 1st wave start (expected to be 11:10am) . Finish Cutoff is 2h30m after 1st wave start (expected to be 12:30am)

If you are seeded in
Wave 5 you will contest under FINA rules so there is no lead paddler. Safety support will trail the wave.
Wave 1 to Wave 4 you are eligible to arrange for Paddlecraft support. It is recommended that lifesaving clubs be approached (e.g. Clifton SLSC, Llandudno SLSC)

Motorised (Boats) and Non-motorised  Paddlers will be on the course and supporting each wave.

Should you wish to have (Private) paddlers supporting you then they required to

  • Not interfere with other swimmers
  • Remain on the seaward (left) side of swimmers at all times
  • Not enter the restricted area around the Midway Cutoff or Finish water zone
  • Follow the instructions of the Organiser safety teams on the water

Image to use : 12 Apostles Mountain Range

The Viking Route.. 12 Apostles to Camps Bay. 5km downstream swim along the 12 Apostles Mountain Range to Camps Bay. Midway is demarcated by anchored boat which serves as check-in and “water table”

Backup route (20 October March)… 1000m lap placed off 4th beach Clifton. Route appears simple but with a large variety of conditions off each buoy it is a challenge in its own right.


Substitutions are allowed until 24hrs before race briefing (i.e. substitution allowed up to midday 15 October 2019).

All Substitutions must be through the substitution channel (i.e. medical information provided)

Admin charge of R100 to be levied



Withdrawals up to 2 weeks before the event (i.e. midday 4 October 2019) 75% of entry fee

Refunds after this date will only be considered if the event is cancelled.



If the event is unable to take place (even not possible on backup day) then a refund of entries less committed expenses (unrecovered expenses) will be done.

NB! If minimum number of swimmers not reached the event will not take place and swimmers will be refunded ..



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