Terms & Conditions

OpenwaterSwim Indemnity

Release the waiver
In consideration of the acceptance of my entry I, for myself, executors, heirs, administrators and assigns, do hereby release and discharge Western Province Aquatics and their designated organisers and all their sponsors, Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club and their representatives, and all voluntary groups, all medical personnel, and all authorities from all claims for injuries, damage and property loss I may suffer, caused by negligence of any of them and arriving out of my participation in the event, including pre- and post-race activities.
It is my responsibility independently to acquaint myself and my support crew fully with the risks and hazards of long distance open-water swimming (and in particular the Swim) and I have done so.
I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this event and assume all risks for participation.
I undertake the Swim with full knowledge and appreciation that long-distance coldwater swimming in the ocean is inherently hazardous. I accept all such hazards and risks.
I accept all rules, conditions and regulations, which include terms of payment of the entry fees and will comply with them.
I also grant my permission to Western Province Aquatics, the race organisers and their authorised agents to use my name, photographs, video tapes, broadcasts, telecasts, advertising, promotion or other account of this event, free of charge.
This waiver and indemnity, once signed, is irrevocable and shall continue to operate hereafter in respect of all open-water swims in which I participate and in which the organiser is involved in any capacity.
By submitting this entry form, I accept the terms and conditions, as set out above.

 Other T’s & C’s

In the water the safety team are responsible for your wellbeing and their instruction is to be followed.
The organiser/race official’s decision is final.

The route will be announced at the race briefing.

Series swimcaps are to be used whenever participating at OpenwaterSwim event.

Swimmers who have completed the course may not go back into the water (onto the course) until all swimmers are accounted for.

Credits not used may be carried forward at the discretion of the race organiser.

Credits not used by end-of-season expire.

Summer season is September to May.

Winter season is June to August.